Woman Sees Abandoned Puppies Every Day, So She Fills Her Car Up With Them

One woman sees abandoned puppies every day, so she fills her car with them.

A moving video of a woman picking up puppies on the side of the road is touching hearts around the world. In the video, she tells all about her journey to becoming a dog rescue hero.

When they moved to Romania to start a blueberry farm, they noticed many abandoned animals on the side of the road. Sterilization is not a cultural practice in the country, which leads to many abandoned baby animals.

The video begins with a woman holding two puppies on the side of the road. She was on her way to the vet with other animals when she saw the car in front of her abandon them and drive away.

There are specific dumping grounds where I always pass by to find them,” the lady says in the video. Several years ago, she took in her first abandoned dog, and today she has many abandoned animals.

Today, even though I didn’t want to admit it to myself, it has taken over my life,” says the heroic lady in the video. It is inspiring to see her picking up all these animals on the side of the road.

The first thing she does after picking up the animals is to take them to a vet. Then she cares for them and keeps them or finds suitable foster parents for healthy animals.

Seeing the transformation of these animals into a happy and healthy state is heartwarming, and viewers around the world are blown away by this lady’s generosity. One viewer said, “It’s not easy being an angel, but someone has to do it.

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